Home Written Updates Kundali Bhagya Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2021 Written Update: Preeta Pregnant Report Exposs Sharlin Failed Slap Front Of Kareena Bua

Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2021 Written Update: Preeta Pregnant Report Exposs Sharlin Failed Slap Front Of Kareena Bua

Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2021 Written Update: Preeta Pregnant Report Exposs Sharlin Failed Slap Front Of Kareena Bua

Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellynewslive.com

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Sherlyn will take Preeta’s pregnancy report from the hospital and make Preeta look down. And to get Preeta out of the house forever, Sherlyn will reveal to the whole family through a report.

And say that Preeta is not pregnant, she will get angry in Rakhi after hearing all this. We will tell you in this article. The biggest secret will be revealed that Preeta is not pregnant and to prove Preeta’s truth in front of everyone, Sherlyn has to go, who does not know when Sherlyn and Preeta’s pregnancy report will come to the hospital. Will go with the report after taking the name. And because of this, Preeta will see Sherlyn carrying her pregnancy report from near the hospital and Preeta will get a big shock. And Preeta will tell this to Karan and will say that we will not have to tell this to everyone before reaching Sherlyn’s house. That I am not pregnant because Sherlyn has gone to loot with my report. Because of which we got up as soon as possible, we have to tell everyone before doing it. We will be very shocked to hear all this from Preeta’s mouth. And the biggest secret will be revealed then and Rakhi Maa thinks news will kill Sherlyn then will you Sherlyn Karan, Luthra will reach her with Preeta’s pregnancy report before Preeta and in haste Kareena Bose will stop Sherlyn for seeing Sherlyn.

And will ask Sherlyn what happened, then Kareena tells her that I was saying that the deceased is not pregnant, so now it is true that Preeta is pregnant or not, hearing that Kareena and her grandmother will be very shocked and for this reason From Kareena, he angrily tells Sherlyn how long she has been pregnant. Because did she go to our house to check Preeta’s pregnancy and she confirmed that please you are pregnant and she has not one but two children in her stomach. And will chatting because of this, she will eat it with anger but Preeta is not pregnant.

Hearing this, the grandmother will also get angry on Sherlyn, when Rakhi turns her mother to Sherlyn and walks away with anger, singing that Preeta is pregnant and everyone’s mouth is pregnant that Sherlyn will get very angry after hearing this. And because of this, Sherlyn angrily shouted at Rakhi mother that Preeta is not pregnant. And because of this suddenly Rakhi Maa will kill Sherlyn with a source slap. And Kareena’s aunt will be shaken and because of this Sherlyn Preeta is not pregnant. To prove what, Preeta’s pregnancy report will be given in the hands of Rakhi Maa. And when Rakhi Maa tries to open the report, only then Preeta will go to Fag. And Preeta will stop Rakhi Maa from closing the report. And Preeta, revealing the biggest secret, said that Kish Sherlyn is telling the truth that I am not pregnant, hearing that Kareena will slip the ground at the feet of Rakhi mother and grandmother and because of this, she thinks of Rakhi mother to slap Sherlyn.

Because of this, all the anger of Kareena came out on Preeta and to which cow Sherlyn was telling the truth that you are not pregnant. And you are deceiving us all. But we still did not listen to Sherlyn. And that is why Preeta will say that you all do not know that you had tried many times. But after a long time, I did not because the whole family was very happy. Who does not know the matter.

And today we were not going to know this thing, Kareena, she will not believe Preeta’s words. The whole family will start hating Preeta. And everyone will hate Preeta and your mother will slap her with a slap. What is your opinion about this? Do let me know in the comment.


  1. Preeta should leave the house if Karen do not support you because Luthra’s do not deserve daughter in law like you they should get there sons married like Sherlin and daughter like Prithavi that’s what they deserve and Rakhi and Mahesh have some guts to take care of your family 1st thing you should kick Karina out of house she is big trouble maker

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