Home Entertainment Udaariyaan 16 September 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 16 September 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 16 September 2022 Written Episode Update

In today’s episode, Fateh will come to know that Naaz has broken Nehmat’s cycle, now Fateh tells what it is, and tells Tejo that he does not know what situation he is going through. She is proud because Naaz herself broke the cycle and then started crying, which says that yes, there is definitely something wrong, Also Read Parineetii: Neeti is pregnant! How Neeti will tell the truth to Rajeev

now it has to be seen what is happening with her? Why is it doing this? Let us tell you here that when Nehmat comes from school, she asks for the wedding pics of her parents, but you will remember that where will the wedding pics of mom and dad come from? Because when Teju’s memory was lost, Also Read Udaariyaan: Fateh got suspicious about Naaz

Fateh had brought her after marrying him, then both of them say that our wedding pics are not there, because we did secret marriage, here Nehmat who is there, she started insisting a lot and would say that Brother, I want photos, Also Read Parineetii: Neeti will leave When Rajiv and parineet will one

I want all the memories, so everyone decides that Tej and Fateh will get married again, all the photos will be clicked, memories will be there, everything will happen and everyone is very excited and in such a situation Let me tell you that the pride that is here is very. Also Read Parineetii: Parineet changed her decision

In anger, she is repeatedly remembering her mother and is saying that mother, why did you give me such a life? You have always said that I will get everything, so I want everything, Nehmat has whatever I have, let me tell you that the pride that is going on here is going through this situation,

then only give this information to you that Nehmat Are happy now Tejo and Fateh who are talking to Ahmed what? He is ready to make a score oil sister and take him to this house i.e. he wants to adopt Naaz, it is interesting to see what is the decision of hard work brother.


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