Home Telly News Parineetii: Pari commits suicide in front of Rajeev

Parineetii: Pari commits suicide in front of Rajeev

Parineetii: Pari commits suicide in front of Rajeev

Parineetii: Pari commits suicide in front of Rajeev – Parineeti will you all see in today’s upcoming interesting episode? At last the party reached Neeti to tell her the truth. Actually, Pari has got a phone call from the hospital that Niti’s health has deteriorated, Also Read Udaariyaan: Jasmin’s letter in front of Naaz

so come once you meet her, that’s when Pari reaches to see Neeti. After going to the hospital, she comes to know that the Pari is a little better, now slowly the PariĀ  is getting better and now she is out of danger, Also Read Muskurane ki wajh tum ho: katha ki Behan ne Kati Aoni Nas

so Pari thinks that now she should tell the truth to Rajeev i.e. Sanju so that Neeti comes to know about the truth, she is about to tell, she is telling the truth, but in this only Neeti, who is there, Also Read Bahut pyar karte hai: Indu finally reached near Zoon, Condition critical

she faints and is unable to hear anything about Pari and Pari feels that Pari is who she is. She has told that Nidhi has listened but later the nurse who is there tells that the one who is Nidhi has fainted, Also Read Parineetii: Sanju’s final verdict | Parineet turned out to be the farthest

on the other hand, they are bent on getting Rajeev out of his house, now the IG She wants Rajeev to leave her house by any means so that the black spot that has been left on her family is in me. Also Read Bahut pyar karte hai: Zoon’s condition deteriorated, Ritesh realized his mistake

Drive, on the other hand, now you will see that now Pari will know that she is going to be the mother of Sanju’s child and after hearing this, she will be very much shocked and now she will try to commit suicide. Also Read Udaariyaan 16 September 2022 Written Episode Update

The same will come twist twist will come that Rajeev will reach to ask for his apology and whatever is lying with Pari will be on the mountains and whatever Pari is, she will try to get away from Rajeev, she will jump in so much. Under the mountain and she might do society. Also Read Parineetii: Neeti is pregnant! How Neeti will tell the truth to Rajeev


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